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DIY :: Floral Milk Bath + Gift

remember that DIY bath tub tray i posted about recently? well, continuing on from that i thought it would be fun to create a gift set for my mom on Mother's Day this year so she can recreate it for a cozy + relaxing soak of her own. here's how to create your own floral milk bath, as well as package the ingredients as a gift!


dry milk

coconut oil

lavender epsom salt

mixed bouquet of flowers





most larger grocery stores will have the ingredients for your milk bath as packaged (or similar) below.

if you're packaging the milk bath you will simply keep the flowers + fruit nicely packaged to give as a gift. for your own milk bath you will trim off the buds of the flowers + slice the grapefruit in fairly thick slices.

i'm very generous with the powdered milk when i add it to my bath because i want a creamy consistency. feel free to experiment on your own by adding the milk in one cup at a time. add about one cup of coconut oil, as well as one cup of lavender epsom salt. mix bath water well with your hand.

after you've run your bath, gently float the flower buds, lavender, mint, + grapefruit slices on top. light some candles as well, pour some champagne and ENJOY!


green recycled glass jars (3)

washi tape

decorative tags + string


i found these cute decorative tags + string at a Michaels craft store.

along with this cute floral washi tape.

fill the three recycled glass jars (also bought at Michaels) each with the powdered milk, coconut oil, + lavender epsom salt, respectively.

write ingredients on your decorative tags + loop your string through each of the three tags.

place a piece of washi tape over the top of each jar to hold the tag and cork in place.

place jars in a floral gift bag, along with the flowers, lavender, mint, + grapefruit. i also got the lovely tray with the "love you mom" inscription at Michaels as well.

Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate!

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