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DIY :: Bathtub Tray

i've always wanted a bathtub tray, but it's never been on my list of priorities + i didn't want to spend a fortune on one. then i realized i could make one on my own that would be very inexpensive + the style + colors that i want if i do it myself! i'm really happy with how this turned out. directions are below to give you a guideline on how i created mine, but feel free to use your own colors + design, of course! i wanted something that matched my white/gold decor while adding the soft blush color for a feminine look. if you want one that's more neutral, all you'd have to do is change up the color scheme. here we go....


tape measure



sandpaper (optional, but highly recommended)

painter's tape

(if you're creating a design or something with more than one color)

assorted spray paint

(make sure one is a clear gloss for an added layer of protection since the wood will be used in a humid environment)

poplar wood board

(obviously it needs to be larger than the width of your bathtub)

cupboard bumpers

(this will help create grip for the bottom of the board as it sits on your bathtub)

here are the colors i used.


measure the width in the center of your bathtub.

i bought poplar board at my local Home Depot.

the 9.25 inch width is just right for the tray as i wanted it to hold plenty of luxuries. this board was 36 inches in length which gave me extra room for cutting it when i got home.

using the measurement width of your tub, mark your board. i decided that 30 inches would be perfect + allow for a solid set on my tub.

draw a straight even perpendicular line from your mark.

i chose this side to cut off as this end of the board had some irregularities.

this Dewalt hack saw has enough blade depth for the 9.25 inch width of the board. i simply sawed one side, then turned it over + did the other side until the cuts met.

remove the extra piece and sandpaper any rough edges, if needed.

next, i spray painted the entire board (top, back, sides) with my gloss white spray paint. if you remember from my DIY Triangle Shelf post, poplar wood boards soak up a lot of paint. make sure to give yourself enough time when doing this project to allow for several coats to dry.

after the white base coat is completely dry. i started on my design.

here are all of the measurements for the design. this will give you the overall idea of the look then i'll break it down a bit below.

i measured + marked the board at each of the inch marks noted above.

for example, to create the bottom corner triangles, i started at the bottom 9 inch mark.

then i carefully placed the painter's tape from the top left corner to the left bottom 9 inch mark, + did the same for the top right corner to the right bottom 21 inch mark.

so, it ends up looking like this.

i added another level of painter's tape to avoid overspray in the center.

i sprayed the bottom corners with my metallic gold.

and gave it a few coats + allowed to dry. be patient + don't try to spray the entire color thickness all at once. spray thin layers + allow to dry on an even surface between coats or you may end up with drips that ruin the smoothness of your paint job.

after the gold dried, i started on my blush pink stripes.

repeat the above steps (confirm measurements, add painter's tape, spray your paint, allow to dry) then continue to next design element.

for instance, the blush pink stripes are 1 inch wide. refer to the measurements above. all you need to worry about is making sure that whatever you decide on for your design, the measurements match your vision. measure + use your painter's tape to outline your stripes, step back + confirm that it's what you want. i got precise with mine this time, but if you end up making any mistakes, go with it! turn it into an abstract piece of art. don't stress about it, DIY is supposed to be fun.

the bottom of the board was marked at 11 inches and 12 inches, respectively.

top of the board was marked at 2 inches and 3 inches, respectively.

tape up the rest of the entire board to protect it as you spray the blush pink stripes.

don't forget to extend the tape to the sides so you can spray paint the edges as well.

spray 2-3 coats of your blush pink paint

(or "ballet slipper" as this one is called).

at this point, after the pink dried, i took off the tape + decided to add another metallic gold triangle at the top, measured from the 7 inch, 11 inch, 19 inch, and 23 inch marks that i measured earlier as my guide. i taped again to cover the places i didn't want painted + repeated the process for the smaller pink triangle at the top as well (using the 11 inch and 19 inch marks). you get the idea. again, re-evaluate as you go, add to it, have fun with it!

once you decide that you're happy with your design + it's sufficiently dried, add the final coat of clear gloss.

once the clear gloss is dried on all sides, stick the rubber cabinet bumpers to the bottom four corners of your tray + you're done!

run yourself a bath, pour some bubbly + enjoy your new bathtub tray!

want to learn how to create your own Floral Milk Bath like the one pictured? stay tuned for my next DIY post!

i'll also show you how to package up the ingredients + give it as a gift for a loved one!

be sure to comment + show me your designs if you do this, as always, i'd be thrilled to see what you do!

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