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The City

It started with a trip to New York City. I had worked for an international humanitarian aid organization ( I loved being a part of such a worthy non-profit ), Travel + Leisure magazine, Food & Wine magazine, even retail companies like Anthropologie and others, but I knew deep inside that I wanted to do more than sit at my desk all day. I was excited to explore + travel on my own. I had always been the friend that took all of the photos, so I brought my camera and began exploring Manhattan during that New York trip. I walked most of the island from Battery Park over the Brooklyn Bridge and back, then up to Central Park and everything in between. There is nothing like exploring a new place. As you wander and seek out unique and interesting places, you discover just as much about the place as you discover about yourself. I knew after that day that I wanted to travel, explore, photograph, and share what I find. My inspiration comes from real locations, people, places, and the wonder of it all. It's taken me some time to have the money to travel more frequently, and I can't wait to share the journey I embark on with you.

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