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Lifestyle :: 2017 holiday gift guide

the holidays are FLYING by this year! but maybe i say that every year?

i love coming up with ideas for gifts. sometimes it's harder when you aren't always hanging with the people you need to find gifts for though. i find myself wandering through stores + imagining how i'll put things together + whether the person will find it useful or cool as i do. here are some of my favorite things this year + maybe they'll help you as well in your search!

on a recent trip to Cost Plus World Market, i came across the CUTEST Tiffin Lunch Boxes! i've been meaning to find something like these since i saw the movie, The Lunchbox, in 2013. it's the sweetest movie centered around two characters in India + the amazing lunchbox delivery system there. i highly recommend it if you're the last person around who hasn't seen it yet. ;) but these Tiffin Lunch Boxes are so stylish + it's the coolest thing to bring your food with you in one of these. there are three sections + they nestle together + clamp giving you a secure handle hold at the top (and it comes in GOLD, my obsession right now).

i've also had the cookbook, 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, by Ruta Kahate, on my shelf for several years now. it's my favorite cookbook + taught me so much about Indian cooking + their use of 5 main spices. i use them in all dishes now in some way + it's transformed the flavors in everything i make. it's more than just a cookbook. the author gets into detail about where the spices fit in + how to use them best.

pair the cookbook, the Tiffin Lunch Boxes (also sold in copper), the 5 spices (brown mustard seed, coriander, cayenne, cumin, + turmeric) and you have the best gift i can recommend for the Foodie in your life.

also found at Cost Plus World Market were these cute black + white ceramic cups. i like that they don't have handles, so it gives them a more unique, modern take on the tea cup. then head over to Trader Joe's + pick up their honey variety pack, Rainbow of Honey. it's a striking looking package and the varieties are insanely cool (clover, sunflower, orange blossom, eucalyptus, macadamia, + mimosa). then grab some of your favorite tea, package it up + present it to anyone on your list.

once again, Cost Plus World Market is my new best friend. i found this beautiful mixed marble cheese board + gold (of course) cheese knives. don't they look classy together??

i'll go into more detail on a future blog post, but we had a relative that did a TON of extensive ancestry research + our family is sharing some jaw-dropping info on where we came from + how far back we're able to trace our roots (spoiler alert: all the way back to Charlemagne in 749 whaaaaaaaaaat??? crazy). anyway, we're on a kick right now + basically addicted to learning more! i can't recommend this Ancestry DNA kit more highly (i got one as a present for Beard's birthday this year as well). really fun!

for this one, you'll want to head on over to ModCloth. they always have the cutest vintage-inspired clothing + items over there. i think half of my closet comes from ModCloth at this point. i've always had a penchant for the 60s + this Collectif Timely Traveler Weekend Bag was love at first sight. it's selling quickly. grab one fast if you want one. pair it with their Q&A a Day 5 Year Journal and you'll win over the vintage fan's heart. this journal is especially great if you're really busy + don't really journal (blogging is plenty for me). it asks a single question a day, you write the answer + that's it. yet, it spans 5 years, so i can't wait to compare my thoughts from year-to-year + reflect on the changes.

both the Beard + I were introduced to Rudy's Barbershop products while staying at the Ace Hotel in Chicago earlier this year. the scent of these products will win you over immediately. i put this under a "Mister" gift, but any gender would like these. simply pair it with a candle or cute bath or hand towels to suit the person + you're done!

okay, if you've followed my recent travel on Instagram then you've seen how much i brag about my carry-on Away suitcase. i wanted white, but it comes in 11 more colors to suit anyone's taste. every time i charge my phone from the outlet on my suitcase, people walk by + comment on how impressive it is + how badly they want one, too. if you know a traveler like me, they'll love the entire collection.

you MUST have seen the previews for the upcoming film re-make of

A Wrinkle in Time?! i'm really looking forward to seeing this version. it was my favorite book as a kid. if you give this beautiful hardcover version of the book for the classic book lover in your life to read before the movie release on March 9, 2018, they'll love you for it.

need to purchase something for an entire family? i love my Epson projector. you can have friends over + make a special event out of screening the finale of a binge-worthy tv show or host an outdoor movie screening in the Summer. if you want you can also add a basket of speciality popcorn with popcorn bowls and/or a retro popcorn popper as well.

i bought one of the MVMT watches for Beard a couple of years ago because the style is just so cool. for his, i loved the Chrono series black on black. it goes well with his sound engineer wardrobe.

for me, i got the Hollywood black face with gold. the Magnolia comes in rose gold if you prefer a tint. their selection is sleek. check them out for the stylish one on your list.

Luna Norte is a local SoCal jewelry company that creates natural pieces with meaning. i have the ones above + keep the card descriptions on my mirror to wear a particular stone for what i'm needing that day. they have way more styles + are always coming out with more cutting edge designs.

and something for the couple in your life or a cozy winter combo for anyone on your list. you may remember the nutella liqueur recipe that i made when we went to the cabin in Arrowbear a couple of months ago. i'm making more as gifts for the holidays. the glass bottle with clamp stopper is from Cost Plus World Market, the Hearth & Hand striped flour sack kitchen towels and Hearth & Hand cream, black, + leather strapped thermos are from Target. i made the nutella liqueur label on Avery's template website. they've done all the work for you! simply scroll through the hundreds of design options + choose what's right for your creation then print on Avery labels. so easy!


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