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Food :: A simple way to drink more water

during the holidays, i struggle with keeping things healthy. it's usually a busier time for photography gigs + i'm the worst at prioritizing my own needs for other work things that need to get done. i'm always on the lookout for EASY ways to fit healthy things in my life + i'm loving this simple trick to make sure i drink more water. i started loading up my fridge with fruit-infused waters. because i'm a toddler apparently + need more incentive to do something really simple, i've discovered that if water has a little more oomph then i'll gladly drink it. give it a try + let me know if it helps you, too!

i looked on Amazon for some glass bottles and found these. they're terrific, fit into my car cup holders, and i can reuse them over + over again.

and they're easy to clean because Brieftons includes a long scrub brush that gets to the bottom of the glass.

after i got the bottles, the next thing i did was decide on the fruits i wanted to infuse. some work better than others. here are my top picks.

i think cucumber + lemon will always be my favorites because they somehow make something as refreshing as cold water even fresher tasting. but, i discovered some others as well because i need variety in my life.

pomegranates work ok. they need to infuse longer than lemon or cucumber. the key to getting the fruit out is to tap the back of a pom half with a large spoon. once i learned this it made all of my pomegranate adventures much easier + less intimating to deal with.

just be careful drinking it and be ready to eat some fruit as you're drinking. if this bugs you, then skip ahead to the other fruit choices below. if you want a more pronounced pom flavor then i recommend mashing some of the fruit so the juice infuses more quickly.

oranges give a nice subtle citrus flavor. but LEAVE OUT THE RINDS if you aren't going to drink it within a few hours because they make the water bitter when infused longer.

next i used an asian pear. again, it gives the water a nice mellow fruit taste without being overwhelming.

strawberries are a mellow fruit as well. again, mash them if you want to infuse more flavor.

and there you are! six great fruit-infused waters to grab from the fridge at a moment's notice. and they make the shelf look pretty in the meantime as well. i'll try combining fruits too at some point. i'm also going to use the bottles for smoothies as well...eventually, but i gotta be realistic + take one simple step at a time.

do you have any recommendations on additional fruits to use? i'd love to hear about them!

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