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Lifestyle :: Friendsgiving to Classic Thanksgiving with One Plate

so, Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS! have you figured out your table decor yet? i've always loved hosting parties and can remember some of the best Friendsgivings when friends and i couldn't afford to travel, as well as classic Thanksgivings with either my closest family members or my huge extended family when all the cousins would gather. each year it's a balance of schedules to figure out if i'm going to be headed to family or friends. if you're like me, i don't like spending money decorating differently. i like to make small changes and buy decor pieces that work for all different types of gatherings.

here's my take on Thanksgiving this year. and the best part is they're on sale now, yay, our procrastination paid off!

starting with a friendsgiving look. check out these fox melamine plates from World Market. i like to bring out a more quirky style with my friends. these are adorable little hipster foxes. ha. they also sell them with owls or squirrels wearing glasses if you prefer. i didn't see them in the store at the time or i'm sure i would have snagged them, too.

if you're looking for something more classic, William Sonoma has these Plymouth Turkey Salad Plates at 40% off right now! and the Botanical Pumpkin Salad Plates are 50% off right now as well. (link is to a similar plate that can be found in stores, but no longer available online)

love that the linen napkins match both sets of plates. score.

i think the table looks really different with just a simple plate change. now i want to host two thanksgivings just to use my decor. but i won't. that's a lot of work.

here are some more details on how i did the rest of the table.

along with this Mosaic Table Runner ARE ALL ON SALE!!!

you'll definitely see this table runner in multiple holiday posts. it's super versatile, don't you think?

as for the flowers, i simply stopped by the grocery store (Albertson's) and bought the mason jar sunflowers arrangement, along with the eucalyptus and grass fillers, cut them short and placed on the table. i also stopped by the produce section for some mini pumpkin gourds and a pomengranate to finish off the look.

hope this post helps you save some money and space by getting you to think about double-duty decor. would love to hear your ideas as well. feel free to share your comments!

have a great thanksgiving!

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