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Music :: the last waltz with Mrs Henry + friends

last weekend i had the pleasure of photographing a unique local music event. the band, Mrs. Henry, performed The Last Waltz in its entirety alongside some of their favorite friends and musicians from the San Diego area. it was probably the most magical night i've seen at The Belly Up Tavern this entire year. the talent was phenomenal + it was incredibly obvious that these cats really enjoyed spending time together on this project. if they do it again, i'll be sure to shout it out because it's a must-see! here are some of my fav shots.

the guys from Mrs. Henry

guest artists included members from....

trouble in the wind

the routine

the strawberry moons

noah lekas

bad vibes

sacri monti

creature and the woods

the surefire soul ensemble

the schizophonics

mark my typed words here, the schizophonics are gonna go far. they're friggin' unreal any time you see them perform.

the paragraphs

and a couple of purposely grainy cell phone shots to close out the night

victory shot of extremely hard work well done!

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