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Music :: Red Rocks Amphitheatre + Budos Band - Part 2 (Show Time)

The Budos Band rocked the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

in my previous post of sound check shots you saw how gorgeous and massive this place is! well, the sound is phenomenal as well. it blasts around you and swirls between the red rocks and your ears so fully you feel like you're wearing headphones. then add The Budos Band and their full-spectrum psychedelic, sometimes vibey, most times heart-pounding instrumentals and it's a full perfection of the senses.

with a photo pass, you're only able to shoot the first three songs then you need to get out of the way so you're not distracting from the show. i raced back and forth as much a i could in the short timeframe among the crowded press area and these are some of my fav shots. i wish the venue had added some more lighting during the performance as they did in the second night's show, but it was fun and i'd do it again in a hot second.

pass placed in a good spot and ready to do this...

behind the scenes. great crowd! (view from the green room stairs)

more behind the scenes. this is Red Rocks Amphitheatre's famous hidden tunnel to the sound engineering consoles! it's FILLED with signatures from bands and crews who have worked here over the years. I could have spent ALL NIGHT down here!

but it was show time...

what an amazing experience!!!!

until next time, budos.....

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