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Music :: Red Rocks Amphitheatre + Budos Band - Part 1 (Sound Check)

this was a match made in the Universe. The Budos Band rocked the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. you've seen me write that this venue is the best music venue i've ever been to. once again, if you haven't been there and you're a music lover, you have to make it a priority or you can't call yourself a music lover anymore. i got a few shots during sound check to get used to the location. by the end of the night i had gone up and down the entire amphitheatre 5 times! the thinner air combined with not doing stairs like this on a weekly basis, i was beat. the electricity of the music carried me along though and i didn't care. I absolutely felt it, but was so energized and excited to be there that it didn't matter that I lost the feeling in my legs and arms. ;0

so, let me introduce you to the venue. i mean, come on!

the city of Denver is what you're seeing in the far off background.

those colors! even in the dimming sunlight it scorches your retinas with its beauty and intensity.

ready for sound...

...and then some groove.

dialed in and ready for the show.

Part 2 will follow next with shots from the performance!

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